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5th Annual Capital Victoria Day Classic

Our #CVC2014 Champions are Crowned!


The 5th Annual Capital Victoria Day Classic is officially over and our champions have been crowned! All eight Championship finals provided us with nail biting action and intensity that we come to expect on Championship Monday! We not only congratulate our Champions but as well as our Finalists for providing us a stellar day of hockey.

After 147 games, 63 teams, and approximately 1071 players, all of our division champions have been crowned:




Minor Novice

Express de l’Outaouais

Ottawa Valley Vipers

Major Novice

Maxpuissance de l’Outaouais

SHD Ottawa Gray

Minor Atom

Olympic Edge

Ottawa 67’s

Major Atom

Ottawa Jr. Bolts

Flyers de Gatineau

Minor Peewee

Team Greco Selects

Express de l’Outaouais

Major Peewee

Silver Darts


Minor Bantam

Maplesoft Hawks

Ottawa Nationals


                On behalf of the entire Bell Sensplex staff, we thank each team for your participation in this year’s remarkable tournament. Thank you to all of our out-of-town teams for making the trip to Ottawa this weekend and please travel home safely. And thank you to our local teams for allowing us to provide you with world class hockey experiences so close to home.


It was a pleasure to host you all and we can’t wait to see you again next year!

The Stage is set for Championship Monday!


It’s the end of Scoreboard Sunday: the second half of our round robin games are complete and our playoff spots have all been set. It came down to the wire, with some of the most exciting games played in the final few hours & even minutes of the day, and our seven divisions had to wait for the final buzzer to sound before playoff spots were finalized.

          In the end, twenty eight of our sixty three teams will move on to Championship Monday. Here’s what the playoff matchups look like:

Minor Novice

Ottawa Valley Vipers v. Casselman Pirates (SF1)

Express Outaouais v. SF1 Winner (F)


Major Novice

Maplesoft Hawks v. Myers Snipers Black (QF1)

Rousseau Royal Lions v. Syracuse Cadets (QF2)

Maxpuissance (Leblanc) v. QF2 Winner (SF1)

SHD Ottawa Gray v. QF1 Winner (SF2)

SF2 Winner v. SF1 Winner (F)



Minor Atom

Rinkeye v. Olympic Edge (SF1)

Syracuse Cadets v. Ottawa 67’s (SF2)

SF2 Winner v. SF1 Winner (F)


Major Atom

Flyers de Gatineau v. Ottawa Valley Vipers (SF1)

Ottawa Jr. Bolts v. Casselman Pirates (SF2)

SF2 Winner v. SF1 Winner (F)


Minor Peewee

Maplesoft Hawks v. Express de L’Outaouias (SF1)

Team Greco Selects v. Fineline Hockey (SF2)

SF2 Winner v. SF1 Winner (F)


Major Peewee

Ottawa Little Sens v. Hurricanes (SF1)

Fineline Hockey v. Silver Dart (SF2)

SF2 Winner v. SF1 Winner (F)



Minor Bantam

Ottawa Nationals v. Ottawa Valley Chiefs (SF1)

Maplesoft Hawks v. SF1 Winner (F)



 A big thank you goes out to all of the teams who battled hard for a chance at playoff spots today. To all the teams heading home, the entire staff at the Bell Sensplex truly appreciates your participation this weekend. It was wonderful to spend a weekend amongst such incredible talents! Please be safe in your travels and we can’t wait to see you again next year!

Playoff picture is beginning to take shape!


We’re about halfway through Scoreboard Sunday of the Capital Victoria Day Classic (#CVC2014) and there are already lots of anxious coaches, players, and parents huddled around the scoreboards doing some number crunching.

There are still plenty of games left to play in the group stage, and many teams are still in the hunt for a playoff spot. Once the final games in each division are played, the playoff picture will begin to form. A quick reminder that while we strive to give you the most accurate online information, the division standings found on Pointstreak should not be considered official. For division finalization, the tournament coordinators review all game sheets and use this information to ensure a completely accurate playoff picture.

We’re just a few hours away from finalizing our first division, so keep checking this website for the most up-to-date info!

Day One is in the books!


The first day of the 5th Annual Capital Victoria Day Classic tournament has come and gone, and a big congratulation goes out to all participants on a well played day of competition! The hockey was fast-paced, the saves were scintillating and the goals knocked over more than one water bottle!

A special kudos goes out to Joe Samson of the Minor Bantam Maplesoft Hawks whom registered two goals and six assists after the first day of play. We would give him our “tip of the hat”. Adiitionally a shout out to Chase Peck who tailled three goals and five goals in his first two games with the Minor Peewee Rinkeye Team.

The action on Day 2 starts off bright and early at 8am with a Minor Novice showdown with the Express de L'Outaouias and the Ottawa Valley Vipers, as well as a Major Novice faceoof between the Montreal Pirates playing against the SHD Ottawa Grey!

Day 2 promises to be even more action packed as teams pick up the intensity to battle for the Championship Monday playoff spots. A special thank you goes out once more to all participants for a fantastic first day; let’s make this the best tournament yet! 

Welcome to the Capital Victoria Day Classic!

On behalf of the entire staff here at the Bell Sensplex, we would like to thank you for your participation in the 5th edition of the Capital Victoria Day Classic. Check back here from the opening puck drop to the final whistle for real-time tournament results and up-to-date stats and standings. As well, be sure to follow us on Twitter @Sensplex to find out the latest news from around the building!

Over the course of the weekend, the Bell Sensplex will play host to 63 teams travelling in from throughout Ontario, Quebec and the United States to compete for division titles in 7 different levels! A special shout out goes to the Major Novice Timmins North Stars, whom travelled 7 and a half hours to come participate in the tournament, or in minor pro hockey terms, five full viewings of the movie Slap Shot. Welcome to Ottawa!

We hope everyone will have a safe and exciting weekend, and wish every participant the best of luck! Let's make this the best Victoria Day Classic to date!

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